Thursday, July 18, 2013


Many people look at being single as a trial or even better they think I am broken and need to be fixed. Which has always bothered me. Although sometimes it does frustrate me and I can get into the "what's wrong with me?" Mindset most the time I am okay with it and can see how many blessings I have in my life....many of which I have BECAUSE I'm single.

What I view as the number one blessing in my life is my career. That probably seems like I have my priorities mixed up but let me explain why. I love teaching with all my heart....I love those kids and by the end of the year they are truly mine in my heart. Teaching gives me a reason to keep going most if I'm being honest it also makes me question what this world is coming to other days. Teaching gives me a feeling of importance in the world and makes me feel like I make a contribution and hopefully a difference in the world at least for someone.   Those kids also make a huge difference in my life and make me so is almost impossible to have a bad day in 2nd grade...they give me hugs and say kind things and can make me laugh no matter what has gone wrong in the world or in my world that day. Now could I still be a teacher if I wasn't single...most certainly and I think I could still be a good teacher....but there is something about being single and not having a family that makes me view those kids as my family and as a result they get more of my time, energy and love.

Depending on the day my family is my biggest blessing over my career so lets just call it a tie for first place. I have truly been blessed to be born into a family of amazing people...amazing examples of strength, selflessness, love,charity....I could go on and on. 

Starting with my grandma....that woman amazes me. Se is one of the strongest women I know and is such an example of love and charity to me. My grandpa was the same. Because I am single though I get to spend time with my grandma that my cousins don't because they have families to take care of. I grew up with a very close relationshi to both my grandma and grandpa. They lived next door....I spent as much time there as I did my own house truthfully.  They were more like 2nd parents than grandparents. It was a rare occasion that a day went by I didn't see them. So when my grandpa passed away it was hard for me.  But suddenly a new blessing came into my grandma was alone and needed help and companionship more than ever. It gave me the opportunity to go visit her and gain a stronger relationship than we had ever had before.  We go to lunch, shopping, sit and talk, travel, craft, and honestly she's become one of my best friends. Who knew a 79 year old could be so much fun....and my favorite is all the time when we are out I get the comment "your grandma is so cute and so much fun!" Yep she's not the normal grandma...and I hope someday when I am a grandma that I can be just as fun, stylish, strong, loving, and selfless as she is.

Then there are my parents. Yes most people are close to their parents...but since becoming an adult I've grown even closer to them and often times in the Summer when school is out I just go hang out with them at night. We visit, watch movies, go get ice cream, and travel. I love it. They have taught me so much and I am glad that we can be such great friends and that I have such a close relationship with them. I know I wouldn't get the time I do with them if I was married and I know I will cherish those memories forever.

My nieces are the little loves of my life. I feel like because I am single with no kids of my own I have a much stronger relationship than most aunts do with their nieces and nephews. I get to spoil them and do things with them that I wouldn't get to if I had my own kids to take care of. I love our Kenzie Ally MaryJane dates as they call them. We go to movies, have sleep overs, go shopping, get ice cream, and play. And have some great times together....I almost feel like the 7 year old is my best friend....we just click and have a lot in common and I love her dearly. I get one on one time with them that I honestly wouldn't if I had my own kids and I will forever be grateful for the relationship I have with both of them and the love they bring into my life.

The fun part of being single is all the opportunities I get that honestly I probably wouldn't if I wasn't single.  All the fun and amazing people I have met. My Texas boys who spoil me when they come out and have taught me how to snowboard...I love them dearly and am grateful I get to spend time with them every winter. I have been able to travel to New York and Boston and Florida and Arizona just seeing the world and doing fun thing

Then there are 3 of the most important men in my 3 best friends. They are the most amazing guys and have taught me so much and honestly helped me become who I am today. They brought me out of my shell of shyness, they taught me to truly love football and have honestly taught me everything I know about football. But most importantly they have made me okay with me....they have stuck by my side and stuck up for me countless times when some jealous girl has said mean hurtful things or some guy has broke my heart. I will forever love these 3 for the confidence and self worth that they have helped me discover. They accept me for me and are always there when I need them. They have told me countless times that certain guys are stupid and that I am better off without them or deserve better, and honestly they Have always been right. They have given me more hugs and love than I probably deserve and have put up with more tears than they probably ever have cared to see and they always handle it so sweetly. I can always count on those 3 to bring my smile back. Kevin will always listen and give me the hug that I need...well more of a squeeze... I usually can't breath and my boobs hurt from the squeeze but I still love them. he can usually make me laugh with some funny insult about whoever or whatever has upset me.  And he is the best at checking on me for days afterwards to make sure I am okay and eill drop everything and show up to drag me out of the house to fun if he knows I need to get my mind off things or will take me for long walks at 2 in the morning if I am flipping out. Kurt will always give me a hug, sincerely listen to my thoughts and give me honest input, then make me laugh and find something to distract me. And  Aaron is always there to reassure me that I'm okay and that other people's opinions really don't matter and give me some sweet compliment that makes it all okay. He's also great at making me laugh no matter how upset I am and always manages to make me see things logically instead of through my emotions.  I have been through countless adventures with them that I will forever cherish....from our night floats at pineview, countless motorcycle rides, teaching me what hookybobbing was and taking me, teaching me about the 8 point football play ha ha and that football games continue past the end of the clock, teaching me how to drive a motorcycle, throwing me off a hill with a parachute, teaching me how to play soccer, sneaking me out past curfew, teaching me how to gamble, and my favorite they promoted me from girl to boy....a huge honor in their eyes and in mine. 

I am truly blessed and sometimes I forget just how blessed I am.  It's easy to get into the "why me? What's wrong with me? When is it my turn?" But I am truly blessed and have a great life full of great opportunities and even greater people who bring me happiness and joy each day. I have a million and one reasons to smile.

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